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Large retailer entering Hawai‘i market

When the nation’s second-largest discount retailer decided to enter the Hawai‘i market, many residents already had positive impressions of the chain, based on visits to its mainland stores. However, it was also necessary to address the underlying suspicion by many local residents of “outside” companies that are often unaware of community needs and cultural sensitivities. The retailer asked CommPac to help it be made welcome in the local community.

In addition to a range of community-outreach efforts and counsel, a CommPac team traveled to the retailer’s mainland headquarters and conducted intensive “Hawai‘i enculturation” training for a number of the company’s key departments. This included the creation of a detailed enculturation “primer” and led to additional training including an interactive session with kāhuna pule (religious leaders) and hula halau (hula troupes) and tours of important cultural and historic sites.

The retailer’s reception in the Hawai‘i community has been outstanding, exceeding the client’s expectations.