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Media Training

Media Training

Dealing with the media can be a daunting experience, but it doesn’t have to be. CommPac’s media training program provides clients with tips and strategies to effectively communicate their messages.

We give clients strategies for interviews, tactics for crisis and issues management, and taped, customized practice interviews, using realistic scenarios that apply to the client’s industry.

The principles and techniques we teach don’t apply only to reporters. Clients have also employed them in meetings with government agencies, community organizations and other key audiences.

Organizations that empower their executives and spokespeople with strategic message development and delivery skills – and an understanding of how the media works – will always be ready to meet the media with confidence.

Refining Key Messages

A critical part of CommPac’s media training is articulating the key messages to be delivered. The practice session then tests these messages in mock interviews, and the CommPac team works with you, as needed, to add new messages and/or refine existing messages.

Understanding the Media

Former reporters on our staff will help you understand the media landscape. This session includes:

  • Understanding the differences between print, radio and television.
  • What makes a good interview?  A checklist of tips and the secrets to a good interview.
  • The “rules of engagement” – what everyone needs to know before an interview.
  • How to maintain and project a positive presence even when faced with a hostile interviewer and the time limitations imposed especially by radio and TV.
  • The importance of “bridging,” “blocking,” “flagging” and “headlining,” and the secret to using each technique effectively.
  • A review of local media operations, key reporters and editors.
  • Television interview techniques – appearance tips, how to get your point across, and how to get the quote you want included in the story.
  • Print interview techniques – why print requires more preparation.

Individualized or Group Training

We can tailor your media training session to an individual or a group of potential spokespeople.

Post-training Evaluations

We provide written course materials, as well as video dubs of each spokesperson’s practice interviews. We also provide a confidential course evaluation that summarizes the key messages, anticipated questions and recommended answers, a recap of helpful tips and techniques, and areas of strength and weakness for each person trained.