Communication Pacific
Communication Pacific

Integrated Communications

Hammer. Check. Screwdriver. Check. Saw. Check.

There is a wide variety of tools out there at your disposal. But are they the right ones? And are you working with people who can put them to best use?

The communications industry is much like the construction industry. Technology has created more and more tools. You need to find the right combination of these tools with an experienced company that knows how to use them and will do the job right.

At Communications Pacific we use an integrated approach to meeting our clients’ goals and objectives. We’ve developed a depth of experience and resources that we tap to find solutions tailored to your needs.

Integrated communications means we offer clients a complete tool kit for tackling the communications challenges they face. What’s in the tool kit?  Everything you’ll need:

  • Community Building
  • Public Relations
  • Marketing
  • Land Use and Real Estate
  • Crisis Communications
  • Enculturation Services

We serve clients with as many of these tools as they need to reach their communications goals – and the business or organizational objectives their communications are meant to support. We serve you with all, some, or just one of these tools. Whatever you require. No more, no less.

We begin by exploring your communications challenges with you – listening carefully, getting the “big picture” of your business objectives, trying to understand what keeps you up at night – so we can give you our savviest advice on the right tools for your job. Because we are, above all, counselors.

If you need more than one tool, our team will put them to work for you in integrated fashion – in sync – so they mesh smoothly, reinforce each other and work together to reach your goals quicker and better.

If you have a message to convey, we can identify the people who need to hear it, and we can get it across, deftly using just the right tools, to give you maximum impact.