Communication Pacific
Communication Pacific

Doing Business in Hawai‘i

The people of Hawai‘i stand as a worldwide model of diversity, with their rich multicultural heritage, aloha spirit and stewardship of these Islands’ unique natural resources. In this place like no other, there’s a right way and a wrong way to do business.

In all our work, CommPac seeks to help clients ensure that their projects balance people, place, resources and culture – all vital elements of life in Hawai‘i.

One component of our strategy for the success of clients new to these Islands is enculturation training, which provides the knowledge, skills and tools for clients to succeed in environments and communities whose history, culture and values differ significantly from their own.

CommPac’s enculturation program covers six focus areas, tailored to our clients’ specific needs:

  1. The distinctive history of Hawai‘i and its continuing impact on politics, business and community life today.
  2. Cultural values in Hawai‘i and their influence on business norms and practices.
  3. Communication styles and strategies for the multicultural workplace.
  4. The importance of relationships, networks and “talking story” to building a positive local reputation – and getting things done.
  5. The Hawaiian tradition of naming and blessing a place, object or person, considered a gift to enhance success in the world of work, community and relationships.
  6. Community-based strategies and philanthropy.

Our proprietary enculturation training creates context for our clients’ planning, strategy and implementation efforts in Hawai‘i. It allows us to tell your story as effectively as possible to a local audience and point the way to living the promise of your brand.

Our training employs the informal local style of “talking story.” We use a mix of original written materials; interactive presentations with cultural experts; video and hands-on experiences; and a respectful exchange of ideas and development of practical skills for establishing credibility, solving problems, making decisions and building relationships in a diverse workplace unlike any you will find on the U.S. mainland – a must for anyone who wishes to succeed in business in Hawai‘i.